Welcome to PC Quilts: Soon to be Longarm Quilting Business

I am currently in the process of researching and starting up a LongArm Quilting Business in Allendale, MI. I have some time until I get to that point, but I wanted to start my blog now so I can have history when I start up the business and give myself time to get the bugs out before I start up. ALSO, allows me to do nothing but practice quilting once I get my LongArm  because I won’t want to do anything else.

On that long boring note. Here is my very first quilt that I did. The one that gave me the quilt bug!

Invasion of the Irken Armada by Amanda Echler

On my first quilt, I free-motioned my own created pattern off of my favorite cartoon Invader Zim.

The Back
Invasion of the Irken Armada - Amanda Echler

If you look at this. All the green was machine quilted, but only after I spent a year hand quilting all the purple ones that are much harder to see. I decided hand quilting, although beautiful and amazing, is way too time consuming!


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