Stocking up

I’ve started to stock up on my quilt tops for when I finally buy my long-arm. As soon as I get Internet back at home I will post the tops I have done thus far.

Unfortunately, today while we were getting our yard ‘scraped’ to prepare it to actually grow grass, the cable line got severed. We bought a house a year ago that was brand new and are just now putting in the landscaping and the lawn. I am taking pictures of the process, but that will have to wait for another day too. You don’t realize how much you rely on something until you suddenly don’t have it… but I digress.

I have 4 bundles of quilt tops and backs ready and a fifth one on it’s way to being completely pieced. Thank goodness to a friend of mine who sent me a bunch of kits to finish. I’m not usually one to care for kits, but when you are learning how to long-arm, who cares as long as it is practice. PLUS it has made me branch out and try different traditional blocks and other techniques and wouldn’t have tried at the moment. Not to mention the money she is saving me by having all these kits available to piece. She is an absolute darling and a savior! XoXoX

Pictures to come!


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