Amish Inspiration

I finished piecing this quilt today. I just want to add one more border. I ripped apart one my art quilts that I haven’t finished yet to hold up a piece that was hand died for a Frieda Anderson art wall quilt. It has the perfect colors in it to accent the quilt so now I need to see where I can order it from and fear the price of hand dyed… Here is the quilt

The fabric for the border also goes into a lighter green on the one end and into a pink, red, and orange on the other end. (The fabric is called Rainbow;  hand dyed by Frieda Anderson)


6 thoughts on “Amish Inspiration

  1. very pretty and it is just breathtaking. I hope you have fun in Grand Rapids, let me know how the AQS show is there, I want to go next year. Do you long arm now? It is so much fun, i see on your side bar that you are getting one soon-I love mine. enjoy!

    1. Thank you Vicki! I do not yet, but hopefully by the end of 2013,. I will definially post on the show in about 4 months. I hope you get to go next year. I am so lucky that I just moved to Grand Rapids last year and so did the show! What type of longarm do you own?

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