Red, White, and Blue

I started cutting blocks for a Red, White, and Blue Star Block quilt. I was given 11 blocks that need to be pieced by a friend of mine, Rayanne. She has given me a ton of monthly blocks and quilt kits that used to be her sister’s. Her sister passed away last year and she has been so wonderful as to be my “trick or treater” my “Santa Clause”, and my “Easter Bunny”. I am so thankful for this amazing lady. She has been through so much and yet she has thought of me with a bunch of her sister’s UFOs. NOW… to try to find the quilt fabric that matches the 11 blocks I have and to find one more block that is appropriate for this American quilt. I’m not typically a red, white, and, blue quilter so this one is making me think outside the box. So far I have only ironed the two blocks that are finished and cut out the pieces for two of the other blocks. I need to get going on it! Not to mention I have no ideas, yet, what I plan to do once I get all those blocks done, I don’t know, but I’m sure it will be fun 😉

Also, I wanted to share with everyone my first attempt at a feather. I know it is just a drawing, but until I buy a longarm, this is how I am practicing. This is my very very first time drawing a feather and I am quite impressed even though I know it sucks. I didn’t expect my first attempt to even resemble a feather let alone be able to play with features within in. I hope this really helps when i finally get a longarm.


2 thoughts on “Red, White, and Blue

  1. If that’s your first attempt at drawing feathers, I’m impressed! Practicing on paper or a whiteboard is one of the main thing the pro’s say to do. Good job!


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