Accomplish Quilting

Today I went to the One Stop Shop Hop in Big Rapids, MI. It was fun to walk around and look at all the stuff. I kept my spending to about $60 so I felt very good about that. (It helped I had to rush through it because I had to be at work by 3pm and it is a little over an hour drive for me).  At the One Stop Shop Hop, I ran into Accomplish Quilting, LLC. They are a local supplier of longarm quilting needs and Gammill Longarms. I was so upset that I didn’t have time to try out the machines he had there because I was already late in leaving, but I am also glad I didn’t have time to play. It probably would have been very hard for me to walk away without buying one! I love Gammill except for one detail; the new Vision is not compatible with PantoVision and won’t be anytime soon, according to ABM. The older stitch regulator is, though. I guess when it comes time to buy I will have to decide what is more important… do I really NEED Pantovision or can I handle paper pantos or will I even use that many pantos?

I also started buying fabrics for a new project I am working on. I cannot show the project because I am testing a pattern for someone, but I have picked beautiful Teal and Brown fabrics! I want to okay it with the pattern maker to make sure she doesn’t mind I post the fabrics (but not the pattern). I put the red, white, and blue stars away. I just wasn’t feeling the quilt, maybe another time.


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