Busy Weekend

I finished the Black, White and Green quilt yesterday and today I have completed (almost) two tops!

The first one, posted originally in Summer 2012 Fon’s and Porter’s Easy Quilts Magazine. The name of the original quilt is “Fat Quarter Six Pack.” The first thing I loved about this quilt is how much of the fat quarter was used. I only had a little less than a 2″ strip left over of each color. I still need to put on the borders, but I need to buy the colors and no stores are open on Sunday 😦  None the less I already know what I am going to quilt on this one. I am going to do free motion swirls, butterflies, and flowers. It will be a great practice quilt.


Also, I was pretty proud of myself. This is the first quilt that I have not had to “make” the triangles ‘work’ so they have points. They all lined up and I took a picture of the worst of them. Even my picky fiance had a lot of good things to say about the triangles being pieced well.


THEN I got bored and started a new project. It took me 4 hours to pick the fabrics then piece this together. We have been wanting a table runner for the back of our piano for a while now so I put one together. The colors go perfect with our Legault painting! This is a table runner our of the Summer 2013 Fon’s and Porter’s Easy Quilts magazine.


Now I am ready to practice some longarm quilting (after I pack to go to D.C.). I am headed to D.C. for work this week and I cannot wait to get back. I am hoping that next weekend I will be ready to put one of these quilts on the longarm and practice on a REAL quilt!



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