It has been too long


I have been bad for 2 weeks now. I am trying to be sure I post at least weekly because that means I am accomplishing something, but I have worked the last 10 days straight in my real job and have been getting more overtime than I want. So, I have used some of that overtime money to organize my longarm room. The above has all my maintenance supplies for the machine and my needle supply. The following is my beginner supply of bobbin thread. I plan on replacing each of these with the larger cones when I use a color up.


Then the top thread… I ordered about every 3rd color of the OMNI threads. They were recommended by Terri at Threadtales Quiltworks and I love them. I am glad for my overtime so I could have a beginning stock and not have to order as I need them.


I even already have the pegboard to put them on the wall! Now, since I have been working all this overtime and have not been able to practice the way I want, I am going to have to put off taking clients until October 😦 oh well. I figure worst case scenario, I will take a week vacation to play 😀


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