A LONG weekend and a Catfish

I spend two days this weekend at AQS Grand Rapids and it was a blast! I took lots of pictures of for use later as inspiration on my quilting. I got to meet lots of new people. Then Sunday I spent the day with some friends and Jason tried his hand at fishing and I believe he is hooked. 



Now while I was talking to some people at the quilt show one of the AQS people made me promise to enter a quilt next year. At first I was nervous, but then I spent a good 10 hours of the weekend researching and designing the quilt I want to make. I designed two quilt tops with my EQ6 program. Jason loved my second one so he decided for me what I am going to make. I cannot WAIT to put it together, but I am making myself wait until January to start it. I have the plan, I have half my fabrics picked out, now I just need to finish getting the fabrics and then go back to my plan. 


1) To have my last 3 quilt tops finished by the end of this month. THEN STOP until January. 

2) To really drill in the quilting and spend every week with at least 20 hours of quilting practice during all of September. I also plan on taking a few days off work during the week to add in some extra practicing during the month. 

3) Finish setting up my website, make some pamphlets, setup my customer service ideas and START TAKING CUSTOMERS in October. 

*sigh* This would be so much easier if I didn’t work full time, but then again it wouldn’t be me if it was easy. 


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