Sunday 9-8-13

My last quilt top is done! It was the most annoying one ever! My least favorite part of quilting is attaching borders and this quilt was like attaching a border over and over. Lots of PINS. YUCK!



Then I organized my longarm room and am much happier! I still have a few things I want to get, but for now it is organized enough that I can think. 



Here is my stash of 19 quilt tops waiting for me to practice…


In this stash is also my first paid T-Shirt quilt! YAY! 

I did 4 hours of practice today after trying to remember all my maintenance for the machine. I stopped sooner than I wanted to because I started having issues with the top thread getting stuck somewhere in the hook assembly after 1 full rotation. I could not figure out where or what was going on and was tired so I walked away for a while. Later I went back and could not repeat the problem. Hmm.

I have a feeling there may be a slight timing issue. I accidentally ran the machine in Manual mode at 55% speed with the needle and thread in the machine. Who knows how many stitches went into that one spot on the practice top. I really need a stand-alone bobbin winder so I don’t repeat that mistake. 

Goal This Week: At least 1 hour of practice every evening. 3 Days with more than 2 hours of practice. 



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