Practice Week of 9-8-13

I started out this last week with a goal. My goal was to get at least 9 hours of practice along with it being my birthday, having a work gathering on Saturday and working my other job 40 hours. I DID IT! Barely, but I did it! I missed two of those days doing any practice, but I think wedding planning is a good reason 😉

This week I did Linda V. Taylor’s Artistic Freeform DVD. It is amazing how an hour DVD takes much longer than that when you are doing it for the first time. Here were my results… now I realize they are not by any means ready to be put on someone else’s quilt, but I was proud of myself.


There are two of her designs that I decided that I don’t like, but I am sure practicing them are still a good idea. I am setting up a second sampler piece right next to this one to work on this week. My goal this week is to do all these one more time and then to start a new DVD. The biggest thing I need to work on is just getting used to moving the machine where I want it to go. I will post pictures of my second sample next weekend so I can show my progress.


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