More troubles and Falling Leaves Quilt

First, lets start off with the issues I had on Friday. So Jeff at Accomplish Quilting helped me through why my stitch regulator was timing out and we got that fixed. THEN Friday when I put a real quilt on for the second time and I wind a different bobbin and change colors on top. All of a sudden my needle it hitting something and it sounded like something broke, but nothing did. I decide the needle needs changed and try to quilt again but my top thread is now winding around the little handle on the case on EVERY pass. It is winding so tight that I had cut it off the bobbin case and it tore my backing fabric. So, I make another phone call to Jeff. He has me make sure my timing is okay, and we find that the needle was hitting the shiny metal under the hook assembly. (Jeff told me what this was call the needle… something, but of course I forgot.) The first thing Jeff tells me is “In the years I have been doing this, I have NEVER heard of that problem” (In regard to the thread wrapping around the bobbin case handle) Oh crap. Well we decide that I am going to Google a bunch of stuff and see if I cannot see what else there may be problems with and then call him back.  SO I hung up and started searching the issue I had. NOTHING… not 1 post. For some odd reason I decide to put the bobbin and case back in and it is hitting the bobbin big time! I search this and post after post after post of people who had this issue. I pull the bobbin out and wow it is fatter than my other bobbins. That is weird, they must have sent me one that was the wrong bobbin. I call Jeff back and tell him what I discovered and that it must have bent my new needle because of it hitting.  This is when Jeff tells me that it is awesome I discovered that and now he knows the problem. Apparently, if you wind your bobbin too tightly (one of the nice bronze metal bobbins) it causes the shape of the bobbin to change and will actually widen the bobbin. PROBLEM SOLVED! I would have NEVER figured that out so I am glad he told me. I thought I just somehow got a weird bobbin, but no, I stretched a bobbin and when I unwound it, it went back to normal. INTERESTING!

After I, apparently, am trying to learn everything about my machine in one week, I get to do my 2nd quilt top. Here is the beauty!


Here is the backing which shows the pattern on the quilt a little better. This quilt top was given to me to piece together by a friend.



2 thoughts on “More troubles and Falling Leaves Quilt

  1. Woo-HOO! Problem solved!! I have actually heard of bobbins (metal ones) wound too tight that “explode”…one side pops off and the thread bursts out like that old “can of worms” joke toy.


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