Start of my 2014 Show Quilt

So I have been bad this month. I started hibernating (I blame it on the craziness of December, traveling to see family and 4 Christmas Parties.

On another note… I almost have all my fabrics ready for my show quilt for 2014. I used EQ6 to designed a “Road to California” remake with Marcia Derse fabrics. It has taken me a long time to collect the fabrics I was missing because she just switched fabric companies and her new fabrics (which I have on order) will be shipped out any day! I also did what I could to gather some of her old fabrics to make the quilt out of.

Here is what I have to start!

I only need 3/4 yard more of blues and greens and my 6 yards of neutral. I can’t wait. Marcia Derse… I will make quilts out of your fabrics any day.  (Even if you are ditching Sylvania, Ohio to move to Washington.) I love the idea of making traditional quilts out of her modern fabrics. Thank you Sonflower quilts for making me jealous of your stash of her fabrics and helping me think out my color plan!


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