2014 New Year Resolution

As I was thinking about where I wanted my business to go in 2014 I decided that I needed to focus on what I want to do as a business. I never want this business to be full time. I like being able to leave my house and keep my quilting part time. I like knowing that if I just don’t feel like quilting for a few weeks, that I don’t have to. If I had to then it would take some of the fun out of it. That being said I figured out what I want to focus on. 

In 2014 I will focus my business on:

  1. T-shirt/Memory Quilts ( I love puzzling these together and figuring out how they would best be put together. 
  2. Edge to Edge Quilting (With only working in this business part time, a custom quilt would take up all my spare time and I still want time for my own.)
  3. Commissioned Quilts (I do not expect to get any of these, but since I love the WHOLE quilting process I do not mind offering it at least. What is there to lose? Plus I love to learn about a person and what they would want as a quilt.)

I feel 100% less stressed now that I have found some focuses. I think these would fit better into the time I have available.


Now here is a picture update on my donation quilt and the fabrics that I am ready to work on for my 2014 Show Quilt!




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