Changes in 2015, the Beginning

In 2015, after our Wedding, my fiance and I will be finishing the basement. Half the basement is going to be an awesome craft room. Right now I take up two bedrooms and there is no space for kids if I have all the bedrooms.

Yesterday I went to Lowes to design my new craft/office built-ins. This is what we came up with.


It is hard to see as this is a picture of their computer, but it is going to be amazing! It consists of a wall that is almost 19 feet long.

I gave started preparing my stuff for the space.

My first project was organizing all my 1/2 yard and larger pieces of fabric. I got thus idea off of Pinterest  from I used dollar store foam craft boards. Each one game me 4 – 10x11in craft boards plus 4 – 6x5in pieces. The 6x5in pieces were used for my 1/2 yard to <1 yard pieces. The 10x11in pieces were used for the 1 yard or greater pieces. This is what my fabric now looks like. Good thing I will be getting more storage space when I move to the basement.


Also, I decided to organize my scraps. I mean, who can put a scrap quilt together without organizing their scraps first? Not me! Organization, organization, organization. It makes me so happy. I remember a webpage from a while back that uses an organization system for scraps and since I’ve never made a scrap quilt, I wanted to start somewhere. I started with’s system and amended the sizes to fit my larger ‘scraps.’ I also used chalkboard labels so that I can change the sizes if I find a category doesn’t work. Right now I have:
   1)Strips smaller than 1.5″ as these can be used for making a weaved rug (my best has been wanting to go this so I’m saving the scraps for gee)
   2)1.5″ strips
   3)2″ strips
   4)2.5″ strips
   5)3″ to <6" strips
   6)6"< strips
   7)1-3" pieces
   8)3" greater pieces
   9)1/8 yard to <1/4 yard
   10)Fat Quarters (which I no longer buy)
   11)Cotton Flannel scraps


Next… To make my own ironing board and a new a new fabric wall (my cats attacked my old one and destroyed it).


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