Finished Quilt 1-1-2016 and Gammill Timing Problem

I want to share this beautiful quilt that my friend made. I have never done so must stitch-in-the-ditch as I have on this quilt, but it is turning out beautifully!




In the middle of quilting this quilt I did my first big booboo to my long arm. While I was hitting the needle up/down button I was oiling my bobbin case prior to putting in a new bobbin. When I did this my metal extender on the oiler goes right in the bobbin case and gets stuck. Crap! I get it unjammed, and go figure it is no longer working right. At this point I decided to walk away as I didn’t know what I just might have broke. (BTW: learned my lesson, turn it by hand to oil.)

The next morning I look up a video on timing the hook assembly… Hopeful.
When I remove the plate over my hook assembly and start the timing process, this is what I see:


When I should be seeing this:


After timing the machine, it works again! Really? Are you kidding me? No other damage and a simple 20 minute timing? Everything is running smoothly now. In fact, more smoothly than even before my booboo.

I feel extremely lucky and blessed.


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