Broken Hourglass Quilt

Here is the broken hourglass quilt that I finished tonight. I used a Free Spirit fabric line called Sundara Oasis. It turned out beautifully. I also pieced the backing together and used my one spare block. It is now added to my pile under my longarm. Lol! I can’t stand having UFOs in my piecing room, but I always get stuck with a pile under my longarm even though I have had the ideas planned for a few of them for years! My New Years’ Resolution is to finish those this year.




6 thoughts on “Broken Hourglass Quilt

  1. Beautiful – how big were your hourglass blocks before you cut and rearranged them? I may try cutting 14″ squares of my light and darks to make 8 HST at once to get maximum use of my fabric as I am making a queen quilt in this pattern. Thanks!

    1. I believe my hour glass squares were 18.5 or they were 17.75… before being cut. They are large blocks, but I like them. I think 14″ may be a wee bit more manageable. I love the way it looks in the end! I’d love to see yours when you finish the top!

      1. Thanks I will try to post it when I finish the top. Seems most efficient to cut 14″ squares to get 3 from the WOF but will try one first, then estimate my fabric. Thanks again!

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