New Kitchen Dishes

Many of our dishes are getting cracked and chipped. A few have even been broken or lost. Also, the bowls and plates can be either too large or small for the amount of food we are eating. Not to mention finding this beautiful dish sets out there and always wanting to replace mine.

I found the solution at my best friends’ house. She has this ‘set’ of unmatched dishes. They are beautiful! This was an aha moment for me. This also solves the issue of me getting bored with my dishes and loving other patterns out there.

So, with my husband’s blessing (or I should say his “it would be nice not to have chipped dishes” and then him going snowboarding and leaving me home alone) I have started the collection and it is making me smile…


I wasn’t going to get the creamer and sugar dish, but they were being clearances out for $3 for the two of them! I can’t wait to keep adding to these.

I did set a few rules:
1) They must have some type of pattern and the pattern cannot be cut off because it breaks an ‘edge.’ In other words, no edge only patterns.
2) The plates and bowls must all be round, no square ones. Easier for stacking, not dropping, and storing.
3) They MUST all be dishwasher and microwave safe. None of this, oops, one wasn’t, there goes our microwave.
4) It must make me smile (or my husband).


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