Retreat Preparations

Yesterday I started to cut my fabrics for my retreat projects this weekend. The retreat is with the Lighthouse Quilters Guild is Grand Haven, MI. They put the retreat on at the Christian Reformed Conference Grounds Biannually and it is how I got involved with the quilt guild. (That is a story for another time).

The first project is a lone star pattern that both my friend Mary and I have. We have challenged each other to completing this quilt. I am using Mary Fons’ Small Wonders India fabrics. I originally planned on doing this as a challenge quilt, but then realized I got the fabrics on the the last day of the challenge (oops). I have added in little Lone Starburst Paper Pieced unit between the spokes of the lone star. This unit is off of I reduced the size of it by 50% so it is approximately a 6″ finished unit. I’m also adding in a plain border and a keyboard border. I can’t wait to finish it!

Lone Star Project - Small Wonders India

The second project I have cut and have ready is a Double Irish Chain in a Day. I am using Miss Scarlet fabric for this one. This is for the red and white guild challenge for the quilters guild in Holland, MI.

Double Irish Chain - Miss Scarlet

Now I have one more to cut up and prepare…

Have you ever been to a retreat or go to one regularly? If you do, do you always have a plan for the retreat?


11 thoughts on “Retreat Preparations

  1. That’s a real bummer that you didn’t get the quilt done in time; as it turned out they only had 2 quilts entered, yet had 5 prizes available. So you would’ve been an automatic winner! Irish chain is on my “list” for some point down the road.

      1. That’s where the story gets really strange (I should write a blog post about this). I think it was the final day and they announced they were extending the deadline…by 3 days. Who can make a quilt in 3 days – particularly if this is a hobby for them and they don’t do make/design quilts for a living? They didn’t ask me, but I would’ve extended it by a month especially if I knew there were only 2 quilts submitted. Actually, to go off-track, there were 3 and I’m not sure why they didn’t count the 3rd one. Sure, it was a whole cloth quilt and no patchwork/applique/EPP involved. But the rules only said “at least 75% of Mary’s fabric” and didn’t say that excluded using it as one big sheet. I was bummed that I didn’t win because I was going to donate my current sewing machine to a friend who’s just getting interested in quilting; she’s on a tight budget with 4 kids. I haven’t received the package from them yet for 2nd place but if she is interested and it’s enough to make a quilt, I will give her the fabric that I receive once it arrives.

      2. I never saw the extension! I could have done it! Man. Oh well. I’m still doing I and I’ll still post when done. Where did they post all this information?

      3. I had to hunt for it now; it was buried on their Instagram page. If you scroll through Springs Creative’s feed, there is a picture of Mary hugging a quilt – the larger of those 2 pictures is where it was noted down in the comments. Gosh, I wish I had thought to tell you – I’m sorry about that!

  2. Sorry, I pressed send at the wrong time… 😂 I meant to say that my parents don’t feel comfortable with it.. But I think it is awesome that you are making quilts for your retreat.

    1. Thank you! Although this may be a different type of retreat than you are talking about. This retreat isn’t for church, it is for our quilt guild Lighthouse Quilters Guild. I am usually the youngest girl there. Most of the wonderful ladies are retired, but it is a blast.

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