Lighthouse Quilters Guild Ugly Fabric Challenge

First, I started the quilting on my Double Irish Chain. I have it planned out now, but it will be time consuming.


I have 3 different size diamond with different levels of fillers planned. Here is the baby one.
Before this, I decided to finally finish another project. In December 2015 I turned in an ugly fabric in a paper bag. I then submitted it and got this fabric in return.


This is a 2″ square piece. The only rules were the size of the project (I believe it needed to be approximately 24″ square.) It also had to be the main fabric in the quilt. This is what I pieced and finally finished quilting today.


The quilting was not my best work as I was trying some new techniques. Same with the binding. Lol! Doing less than 1/4″ binding is super hard! I’m happy with it! Now we get to give them back!


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