Beginning English Paper Piecing

I have been attending many short quilt gatherings dlately. I realized the only things I have to work on at these are projects on my sewing machine. It has been a pain worrying about where to setup a sewing machine and still be social or even if there will be enough plugs. I decided two weeks ago that I needed to find something to work on that would be easier to transport. I knew I was going to my friend Mary’s house with a few lady’s and didn’t want to worry about my machine.

I have never been super excited about hand work. I don’t have the patience for it. I’m good at it, but not patient at all. I have hand quilted half a quilt top before. (Then I bought a sewing machine so I could finish the other half with free motion quilting.)

I had to find a project that would keep my attention. I was looking online for something when I started finding English Paper Piecing posts. Again, I thought they were beautiful, but I was not bought in until I found the glue method of tacking the fabric to the paper piece. After my Tuesday gathering, this is what I had:


Of course I couldn’t start small. I decided to start with a project that kept coming up throughout my investigation. The same name over and over, Millefiori. So I started with her book and the most famous project out if it. The one on the cover!


Sue Daley’s set is made for this quilt! It has the exact shapes in the exact size. I figure this way I can just buy the papers as I need to replace them. Sue’s packet includes the acrylic templates too. These have been nice.

Here are the fabrics I pulled for the project.


This should be fun.

Now to end on my red and white quilt. Hopefully I will finish the quilting today. Here is where I left it on Tuesday:



Circles are hard on the longarm. I need more practice. I feel like I just fight my machine to go around and around.


2 thoughts on “Beginning English Paper Piecing

  1. Welcome to the world of EPP!! I think you will grow to love it. I know I have. If you’re looking for more fun after your Milleflori, check out Lucy Boston blocks. They are really fun to piece because of all of the meticulous cutting (fussy cutting) possiblities. Enjoy!

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