Small Wonders Lone Star Quilt

Most of my weekend was spent with my parents. I took them to breakfast in Holland, MI where I needed to drop off my quilts for the Holland Guild’s Red and White Quilt Challenge.  The  we went to Grand Rapids, Mi for the Fulton Street Farmers’ Market where there is a lady who sells wild mushrooms and my parents LOVE wild mushrooms. After that we went to Grand Haven, MI to walk down the channel and pier along the water. At the end of the pier we took some selfies.


Me, my daddy (Doyle), my mama (Diana), and my husband, Jason.

Then on Sunday we went to the Allegan County Antique Market that occurs the last Sunday of every month from April to September. We found a beautiful piece of furniture that we wanted with a sewing machine base, but we had to say no. We are trying to finish our basement and something about money. *sadface* We have treadle bases as end tables in our living room, but this one was a long table that would fit perfectly behind our couch. The top of the table used 3 pieces of wood that were used to kneel on for praying. They were out of a local church. It was a very unique piece. It was a little bit of me(the treadle base) and a little bit of my husband (he is Catholic).

When we returned home my parents headed back to Ohio where they are from and I loaded my Lone Star Quilt. The fabrics are Mary Fons, Spring Creative Small Wonders India line. I have started quilting it with custom quilting. I am super excited to finish this. I’m just winging it on the quilting. IMG_20160626_205439


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