Splendid Sampler Catch-up Day 2

I finished preparing these three blocks, but need to applique around the edge of them.

Block # 52, Coneflower by Pat Sloan


Bonus Block, Flip Floppin Challenge by Jacquelynne Steves


Block #47, Circle of Love by Geta Grama

I also finished the following blocks:


Block #57, Starting Point by Lissa Alexander


Block #37, Dashing by Chocolate by Laura Flynn


Block #50, Flights of Fancy by Joanna Figueroa


Block #24, Inspector Side Kick by Michele Foster

That is all for today. At this rate I will catch up pretty quickly 🙂 I am loving this having no obligations or time frames on when things need done. I do have 3 more quilts I need to finish for others, but I don’t plan on making many more quilts for others. I am not allowing myself to make any quilts for myself. I have finished many many quilts and I own… 5. I have been quilting for over 10 years and I own 5 quilts. I need to work on that. My goal this year is to finish those 3 quilts I have promised and then for next year to finish some of my own UFOs. I have many quilt tops that I need to quilt and I inherited a few UFOs that I want to finish so I can use those bins for more quilts.


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