Splendid Sampler Catch-up Episode 3

Another day of catching up on the Splendid Sampler blocks! I’m up to 45 now. img_20160906_184311

Block 59 Circle of Friendship by Michele Muska. This was my very first turned edge applique. Still not a fan, but I can say I have tried it now.


Block 58 Homeward Bound by Kelly Liddle of Jeliquilts


Block 55 Dedication Rose by Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings


Block 45 Sewing Nut by Frances Newcombe



Block 49 Summer’s Gift by Karla Eisenach of Sweetwater


Block 48 Whim by Faith Jones of Fresh Lemon Quilts


The last one of the day, Block 46 Twirl Time by Sarah J Maxwell of Designs by Sarah J.

That makes a total of 45 finished blocks. Here they are in the all their glory!

Spendid Sampler Blocks by Amanda Garvin. Marcia Derse Fabrics.

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