Birthday Weekend 

Saturday, Sept 10 I worked on the new Splendid Sampler block.

Hearts & Flowers by Fiona Ransley. This is an embroidery block. I decided to add in a little applique and embroidery the rest when I get the threat to did so. 

Then I packed everything up for my class on Sunday. I look a class by Deb Karasik called Batik Wheels. 

The fabrics are all going to be my hand died fabrics that I made at AQS. 

Monday and Tuesday I spent at my Grandma’s funeral with family. Here is my family. About 5 cousins are missing, but everyone else is there. 

My mom is in the teal. I am two down on the left (when looking at the photo, her right) with half my head shaved.  Saying “I’m the one wearing back” wouldn’t help. Grandma was buried at the Mennonite Church near Fayette, Ohio, USA. 

I visited my Great Grandma and Grandpa while I was there. 

Also during the trip to stay calm while talking to all the family I pieced part of another rosette in my La Passacaglia quilt. 

The stars around it will have more orange to bring it back in. 


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