More Splendid Sampler Catchup

I am trialing 4 – 10 hour days at work so I had a bonus day off today. In my bonus day I cleaned the laundry room and litter boxes, took a 3-hour nap due to this cold that is apparently trying to take over my body and what do you know, caught up on more splendid sampler blocks.

I am really enjoying this 2-block of the week challenge that is pushing outside my box, but I will be glad when this is over. My goal of 2017 is to stop starting new projects. I need to join one of those blogs that has a WIP/UFO challenge. I keep making quilt tops and then just never finishing them. It isn’t that I don’t like my long arm, but it isn’t in the room with all my other fun items and I’m always so excited to start something new. Also, I used to do client quilts so when I finished a top for myself it went into a pile so now I am uber behind!

Anyhow, on to the blocks I finished today. I now have 58 finished blocks. I figured out yesterday that my final goal is 110 blocks. The 100 blocks plus 10 bonus blocks. Right now I am headed to 111 blocks (due to finishing 10 bonus blocks) so I need to drop a future block.


Block 38 Vintage Flower Basket by Pam Vieira McGinnis


Block 25 Sunday Best by Anne Sutton


Block 32 Constant Needle by Laurie Simpson


Block 29 Scrappy Heart by Christa Watson ( I don’t like the lack of enough contrast with the background, but I figured with 109 other blocks, who cares or is going to notice?).


Block 30 Simple Surprises by Amy Ellis


Block 21 Sweet Candy by Kris Thurgood

If this quilt doesn’t accomplish anything else it has accomplished at least one thing. It has accomplished teaching me to stop being so competitive with myself. This isn’t a competition quilt and it doesn’t have to be perfect. Stop stressing yourself, this is supposed to be fun! (And I have started listening!)


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