Even More Splendid Sampler

Yesterday and today I finished the following blocks:


Block 60 – Hearts and Flowers by Fiona Ransley. My first attempt at Embroidery.


Bonus Block – Earth Day by Cheryl Arkison


Block 42 – Pencils by Jane Davidson


Block 65 – Stripe and Flowers by Siobhan Rogers


Block 66 – Happy Thoughts by Vanessa Goertzen


Block 67 – Bobbin Chase by Scott Hansen


Block 27 – Sewing Machine by Pat Sloan


Block 68 – Wild Rose by Pat Sloan


Block 17 – Family Stars by Kimberly Jolly

AND MY MISTAKE! Be sure to trial a new product prior to using is for something very noticable. I tried this “wash away” paper to make my 2nd embroidery block only to discover it doesn’t wash away very well.


Now I’m back to using my tweezers. You can see I already did this on one of the stars and started in on the red petals. At least I can salvage my work. *cry*

On another note, I have less than 10 blocks to catch up and two of those blocks are already cut, just not pieced. See you all again next weekend!


2 thoughts on “Even More Splendid Sampler

  1. looks like you linked your blog to #scraptastictuesday rather than your post – could you maybe have another go thank you as I’d love to find that project in yur photo

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