New Years Resolution – 2017 Finish-A-Long

This year I am joining the 2017 Finish-A-Long. The reason? Well I bought this wonderful project planner and discovered how many projects I either already have planned for this year or are WIPs. These do not include the ones I have not already pulled for. I have at least another 20 projects that I have patterns for, but have not pulled anything.

Here is the lovely Scrappy Project Planner designed by Lori Holt. This thing is amazing!!!! I only have 1 complaint of the entire book. “My Project List” page is numbered, but the project name pages are not. It would be nice to have these pages numbered too so they can refer to the list. I numbered them myself, although I made a mistake and missed one of my projects.


Here is my list! I can’t believe I have 50 UFOs/WIPs!


My goal: To finish 4 a month or better. That will make a good dent in this list. I am going to turn the first 20 in for Quarter 1 2017 Finish-A-Long. I know this is high hopes, but I do my best quilting from January to April every year. I have most of my other house projects done and now I have a great quilting space that is very inviting. I can always lower my expectations if need be. Also, all these quilts are mostly finished tops.

This is what each sheet looks like that I filled out:


I took a picture of each one and where is it currently at, if I remembered what fabrics or patterns were used, I put those as comments. In the notes I put what I need to finish and if I need fabrics still, that was listed also. I have a couple T-Shirt quilts that I need to finish that the sketch portion will come in handy for. I think this will be even more important when I finish my WIPs and start pulling for new projects. Yep, I will be getting one every year now. I also didn’t expect that I would use the planning pages, but after listing all these and seeing how many I have, I decided that it was important. img_20170102_114610

The important dates page assisted me in planning out my projects per month (although if I get more, YAY! It also helped with those projects that are Robins or have dates for classes, etc. We will see if I get those projects done quicker after the class with this schedule. I am a schedule type person so I am thinking this will really help.

Also, I already planned out this week:


I crossed out Thursday because I know I have something scheduled after work and won’t have time. The dates I didn’t write in anything will be an opportunity to catch up on Splendid Sampler blocks. This made me  feel so much better about the month and realize I have more time than I knew. If I can stay on track then I will be golden!

Stay tuned for my next post, my 2017 Finsih-A-Long list for Quarter 1 (Q1)


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