Splendid Sampler Catchup

I am being good. I swear! I am in a lot of pain today, but I stayed on the couch decently well. Luckily cutting blocks  kept me there. I was catching up on the 25-30 splendid sampler blocks I was behind on. I took a picture of the finished blocks and the ones I have cut and are ready for piecing today. (See helper one, Nico, on the back of the couch).



Once I am done with these, I have 9 more to cut, then I have to piece them all. Once I piece them all I will have 103 quilt blocks. I plan on completing 7 more for a total of 110. I also cut the pieces for the 110 alternate blocks. Thanks to Texas Quilting for the idea (https://texasquilting.org/).


That will make this officially the largest quilt I have ever made. Luckily we just bought a king size bed therefore this will be a great use for this huge quilt. Without a border it will be 120in x 132in wowsers and all of it made from Marcia Derse fabrics both old and new.

And here is helper #2 (Pancho): “I’m helping mama!” He is being such a brat since he lost his play partner. He doesn’t have anyone to get his energy out anymore 😦


I don’t remember the last few days too well so I’m sorry if this is a repeat, but last week Friday I had hurnia surgery and we have to put our 4 year old beautiful, pesky, amazing Bengal baby, Enzo, down. He had a cancerous tumor on his heart and we didn’t even know it until the last week. We thought all the human food we were feeding him was possibly giving him diabetes so we took him in. Not the end result we were expecting. 😦

Here is a glorious memory of him 🙂 Luckily he was a very loved kitty and had a great life. We took well over 150 photos of him and keep finding more every day. Like this one:


We also have tons of videos of him too. Here he is helping mommy cut strips for this quilt.


6 thoughts on “Splendid Sampler Catchup

  1. I love the way yours came together! I don’t know if I ever mentioned this but you probably know that using the quarter squares as setting blocks doesn’t mathematically get you to 100 blocks (which I didn’t bother to check before I started out – haha!). I am going to put 98 on the front which makes for a 14×14 block layout and then I’m going to piece part of the back using more of the quarter square blocks and the remaining 2 blocks. Those 2, not coincidentally, are the 2 that I thought were my weakest.

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