My Favorite Quilting Tools- Post 1

I decided to start a new mini series. I want to post up some of my favorite quilting tools. Today I am focusing on some quilting tools.  Today I was quilting feathered hearts onto this wedding ring quilt for a client.

ITEM 1: Since my hearts always end up lopsided so I decided to try out some Glow Edge Longarm Nested Hearts rulers by These turned out to be amazing. The outside works well to use as a ruler and the inside as a stencil. I used the inside of the 4″ because it was the perfect size. The color is also great. It can be used with the black light too.

ITEM 2: These water erasable fabric markers are my favorite. Thus far I have not had a single issue with getting it off a quilt. I used to spray the whole quilt down with a water bottle, but now I use my third item.

Dritz Water Erasable Fabric Marking Pen Bright Blue

ITEM 3: Sew Clean. This is a great non soapy way to remove the markings. It also has a great orange smell and is not very expensive. I saw this on someone’s webpage once and after using it have never stopped. It takes a while to go through one bottle, but then again I don’t do much marking on quilts.

Sew Clean

ITEM 4: This is a cheap applicator bottle with a stainless steel needle tip that I use to direct the Sew Clean onto only the lines I have drawn, as seen below.


This was the quilt when it was finished.



For my next posting I will compare the Quilter’s Planner and the Scrappy Project Planner.


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