Last 4 Blocks Splendid Sampler Complete – Block 88, 91 ,99, 100

I am so happy to have these done. Now I am starting to piece the top together. Hoping to have the top done by tomorrow. I am pretty happy with being on time finishing this when at 50 blocks I was on 20. I am so excited to use this on my new king size bed since it will be large enough.

Here are the final 4 blocks:


Block 88 Love is the Answer by Pat Wys. I personalized it and put the year and my name instead of Love-Peace-Joy.


Block 91 Gran’s Button Jar by Lynette Anderson. This was the toughest one for me to finish. I love the way hand embroidery looks when I finish it, but it is hard for me to start it. I’m also just learning it so I don’t like my quality, but I am learning to accept everything about myself including my imperfections.


Block 99 Four Corner Spinwheel by Kimberly Einmo


Block 100 Centred by Kate Spain


These are all the print outs of all the blocks plus the bonus blocks. Yep, probably would have been cheaper to buy the book! :p This was a fun and tiring process. I am so thankful for the two great people who put this all together. I can’t imagine how exhausted they are completing this project.  Now I’m off to piece the top together.


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