2017 FAL Q2 – Finish 1 – Grant’s Memory Quilt 1


This quilt is a precious one. Last year I met one of my husband’s aunts. She lives in Florida and has a rough few years. She heard from a family member that I quilt and asked me to take a bag of shirts she had that used to belong to her son. Her son passed away at the early age of 20. January was the one year anniversary of his passing.

This was one of the hardest t-shirt quilts I have done as none of the shirts were t-shirts. I was going to make this thing work one way or another! The large 12″ blocks are all sweatshirts. The rail fence blocks are all thicker shirts, but note quite sweatshirts and the nine patch blocks are thing shirts ad dress shirts.


I then placed the extra on the back to add a little something fun on the back. Some of these levels were almost too high for my longarm to handle. The next quilt I’m not going to use a pantograph pattern. I will free-motion from the front of the machine instead.


I had told her I could also incorporate pictures but I had the top done before she was able to make it through looking at any of the photos. I will be making one more memory quilt for her that will incorporate more photos. One will end of being for her and one for her daughter.


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