Memory Quilt and Round Robin

I have been working on my Aunt-in-law’s 2nd memory quilt. This one is way different and I live it! I have some jeans in it, some pictures in it, some t-shirts in it, and a bunch of work shirts!!! Loving the idea I came up with. The hard part was cleaning up all the cotton button up shirts, but this definitely makes me want to work more with button up shirts. Here they all were after taking them apart.

And here is the top so far.

I’m really loving this look. A close up of the bottom two rows. 

Also this week we had our guild meeting, which I happen to be the historian for. This means I take all the pictures and document as much as I can for the guild to keep the history. Well this week we had our guild meeting about two of our members and their love for antique quilts. See our Facebook for the beautiful pictures! Lighthouse Quilt Guild Facebook Page

This week we also got our round robbins back. This was mine. Now I need to find ish it for the next meeting. 

I only had the center black portion with the wool applique. It turned out beautiful!!!!


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