Finish-A-Long 2019 Q3 Finish 1 – Baby Quilt

I picked out the fabrics in 2016, finished the top in 2017, and quilted it finally last week (2019). I laugh because I forgot about this quilt. I was making this for a future kid, which I finally had this year. The best part, I still used grey and yellow to decorate his room even though I forgot I made this. Here is my first finish for this quarter. My goal is to have at least one more finish. Time has been hard to come by due to having the little man and breastfeeding/pumping. I spend 3 hours a day pumping. On the bright side, I will have that time back soon enough and can fill some of it with quilting 😁 I am just happy I get to quilt at all. It is amazing how being busier makes you appreciate your time more.

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