Finish-A-Long Q3 2nd Finish

I am so proud of myself (and of my husband for giving me some time to myself) for finding quilting time even with our little 4 month old. Thanks to hubby I finished my 2nd quilt for quarter 3! This one hasn’t been in the works as long as most. I started it in 2018 for my cousin’s little boy. I promised it when she announced she was pregnant and I soon found out I was also pregnant and didn’t get a lot done. I started the quilt on September 1, 2018. I designed the top based on an idea on Pinterest.

I managed to pull all the fabrics from my stash. Her little boy is nearing a year old and I will finally be able to gift this.

I am unsure why, but it was calling for some serious quilting and I had to listen. I am very happy with how it turned out.

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