Wanted Something New

I have been in a designing mood lately. I designed 3 quilts this week. One is a 2.5″ strip quilt, but the other two are the two I want to show the designs of here. For a few years my aunt has been planning a Texas Rangers t-shirt quilt. She thought she has enough t-shirts for the front and back of a queen size quilt, but I have 4 blank spots on the front waiting for more shirts. The back will only have a cross of shirts with the rest of it being red. Here is my design along with a list of all the shirts. The ideal size and the largest size they can be cut to is listed. Then I play a jigsaw puzzle to see where they will all fit. My trick is to keep them all in sets of 3s. 3″, 6″, 9″, 12″, etc…

Unfortunately since I am waiting on a few more shirts, I can’t start cutting yet so instead of finishing another top, like O should be doing, I wanted to design a quilt for this fabric I have been collecting:

Many of these are actually from Japan. Interestingly enough, this entire quilt happened because of that beige stripe fabric in the back. It is gorgeous 😍!!!

Here is what I designed:

I am thinking about adding in one more side border on each side before the final beige stripe border. I will put it together up to that point and decide what the quilt tells me at that time.

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