Finish-A-Long Q4 2019 List

Here are my proposed finishes for Quarter 4. Honestly I will be happy to finish one of them, but this gives me some options (17 options to be exact).

Finish-A-Long Q3 2nd Finish

I am so proud of myself (and of my husband for giving me some time to myself) for finding quilting time even with our little 4 month old. Thanks to hubby I finished my 2nd quilt for quarter 3! This one hasn’t been in the works as long as most. I started it in 2018 for my cousin’s little boy. I promised it when she announced she was pregnant and I soon found out I was also pregnant and didn’t get a lot done. I started the quilt on September 1, 2018. I designed the top based on an idea on Pinterest.

I managed to pull all the fabrics from my stash. Her little boy is nearing a year old and I will finally be able to gift this.

I am unsure why, but it was calling for some serious quilting and I had to listen. I am very happy with how it turned out.

Finish-A-Long 2019 Q3 Finish 1 – Baby Quilt

I picked out the fabrics in 2016, finished the top in 2017, and quilted it finally last week (2019). I laugh because I forgot about this quilt. I was making this for a future kid, which I finally had this year. The best part, I still used grey and yellow to decorate his room even though I forgot I made this. Here is my first finish for this quarter. My goal is to have at least one more finish. Time has been hard to come by due to having the little man and breastfeeding/pumping. I spend 3 hours a day pumping. On the bright side, I will have that time back soon enough and can fill some of it with quilting 😁 I am just happy I get to quilt at all. It is amazing how being busier makes you appreciate your time more.

Finish-A-Long Q3 Proposals

I am so happy I had a single finish at all last quarter. My little boy is a little over 3 months old and I got a quilt done! Here are my 3rd quarter proposed finishes! Let’s see if I can beat last quarter.

  1. Texas Rangers T-Shirt Quilt 1 – for Aunt
  2. Texas Rangers T-Shirt Quilt 2 – for me
  3. Green Running Bond Brick Wall
  4. Aurifil 2016 Designer BOM
  5. Animal Growth Chart
  6. Gray & Yellow Pinwheel Baby Quilt
  7. Chunky Churndash – Bonnie Hunter
  8. En Providence – Bonnie Hunter
  9. Rest and Refreshing BOM – Civil War Pink/Blue
  10. Duck Baby Quilt for Cousin
48 En Providence
45 Chunky Churndash - Bonnie Hunter
61 Duck Baby Quilt for Cousin
23 Animal Growth Chart
17 Aurifil 2016 Designer of the Month BOM
5 Texas Ranger T-Shirt Quilt 2
41 Gray & Yellow Pinwheel (2)
12 Green Running Bond Brick Wall
4 Texas Ranger T-Shirt Quilt 1

Finish-A-Long2019 Q2 First Finish

Even with having a baby and him being 3-months old, I finished a quilt today. Today was my day to watch Luca, but without his dad this would never be possible. My hubby is amazing with all he does. If it weren’t for him I wouldn’t have the one I do nor would I want another.

Anyhow, not sure when I bought these fabrics nor when I pieced it, but it is finished. I think I might give it to one my neices. They both have little girls so one will probably get this and the other will get the lime green one I have already pieced too.

Work In Progress for Q2 of the 2019 Finish-A-Long

It has been a full two years since I have participated in the Finish-A-Long (FAL) but it is about time for me to participate again. Since then I have had a new job, moved, gained chickens, introduced a new indoor cat and two outdoor cats, and had a baby.

Due to me getting pregnant I finally have a quilt room again. It is the bonus room above our garage. I love it! Now, since my longarm is finally usable again, I can start finishing my projects again. Or at least I am hopeful to, even with a 3 week old son. LOL

Here are the items I want to finish first. I am not even sure if I will finish more than one, but I am putting all the items down that is on my list to finish first. I have over 60 Work In Progresses (WIPs).

The following are the ones I would like to include on my list of want to get done first. Most of them are tops that just need to be quilted.

  1.  Texas Rangers T-Shirt Quilt 1 – for Aunt
  2. Texas Rangers T-Shirt Quilt 2 – for me
  3. Green Running Bond Brick Wall
  4. Pink Pathway
  5. Aurifil 2016 Designer BOM
  6. Animal Growth Chart
  7. Gray & Yellow Pinwheel Baby Quilt
  8. Chunky Churndash – Bonnie Hunter
  9. En Providence – Bonnie Hunter
  10. Rest and Refreshing BOM – Civil War Pink/Blue
  11. Duck Baby Quilt for Cousin