Work In Progress for Q2 of the 2019 Finish-A-Long

It has been a full two years since I have participated in the Finish-A-Long (FAL) but it is about time for me to participate again. Since then I have had a new job, moved, gained chickens, introduced a new indoor cat and two outdoor cats, and had a baby.

Due to me getting pregnant I finally have a quilt room again. It is the bonus room above our garage. I love it! Now, since my longarm is finally usable again, I can start finishing my projects again. Or at least I am hopeful to, even with a 3 week old son. LOL

Here are the items I want to finish first. I am not even sure if I will finish more than one, but I am putting all the items down that is on my list to finish first. I have over 60 Work In Progresses (WIPs).

The following are the ones I would like to include on my list of want to get done first. Most of them are tops that just need to be quilted.

  1.  Texas Rangers T-Shirt Quilt 1 – for Aunt
  2. Texas Rangers T-Shirt Quilt 2 – for me
  3. Green Running Bond Brick Wall
  4. Pink Pathway
  5. Aurifil 2016 Designer BOM
  6. Animal Growth Chart
  7. Gray & Yellow Pinwheel Baby Quilt
  8. Chunky Churndash – Bonnie Hunter
  9. En Providence – Bonnie Hunter
  10. Rest and Refreshing BOM – Civil War Pink/Blue
  11. Duck Baby Quilt for Cousin


Aurifil Top, 2017 Q1 Finish-A-Long Finish #4 

This is my Aurifil 2016 designer of the quilt blocks. I finished sashing it, but I feel it needs another border. What do you guys think? Should it be one solid border or another pieced border?

I also finished another of my Q1 Finish-A-Long projects. 

This is Chic Chevron. The fabric is by Moda called Chic Neutrals by Amy Ellis.  I started it in February of 2016 and finished it today. It was supposed to be a quilt donated to the Michigan Environment Health Association, but they couldn’t get enough help so they couldn’t accept it. Therefore now it is mine.

Aurifil 2016 Designer of the Month – December, Row by Row Robin, and Round Robin

The featured image is my Grandfather’s Christmas Cactus flowering for the first time. I love you too Grandpa and miss you.

Now today’s finishes:


I did the first row around the center for my round robin.


This is my row for my row by row robin. (And here is where I pray neither person looks at my blog. They are signed up for emails, but who knows.)


Lastly, the last block of the Aurifil 2016 Designer of the Month block. Now I can’t wait to get the setting to put them all in. Not sure they all go together, but oh well.

I have been a bad blogger

So I don’t know what happened, but life got crazy. I’ve had no time to quilt it seems, and have been crazy. I don’t even know what I have been doing. I know I lost a few weeks in September due to losing my grandmother. I still miss her and I feel awful for my dad. He has tried calling her and doesn’t remember she is gone until he picks up the phone. 😦

Then we were working on finishing our basement. We hired a contractor to install a new wall, install all the stuff in the walls, and drywall. I have since then painted all the walls, installed all the finishes, installed the floor, and have painted the trim. I just need to finish installing the trim. Also, both my quilting rooms have been moved to the basement, all except parts of the longarm that we need help moving. I still need to install the trim and in the future I WILL have built ins on the whole wall with the windows. When it is done I will take another picture.


I took a class to make a tuffet. It matches my basement decor. The class was through my guild, Lighthouse Quilt Guild who I am not the historian of. The class was so much fun I took a second one home to make. I just have to convince my husband to do a math problem to assist me in what angle I need to cut the pieces in since I am changing the width. My first one has become the spot the cats must fight over. It even has loose threads as proof.


I also went to our Guild Winter Retreat! I love those women! I always have a blast, though I pushed it way too much this time. 7 hours of sleep all weekend is not enough. By Sunday I was so out of it I left a couple of items that a friend of mine kept for me. I was supposed to get them back, but our December guild meeting was cancelled due to a lot of snow. Here is what I made at the retreat.


The two finished quilts were UFOs that I obtained. The first one is nothing but triangles, sadly I didn’t realize this quilt would be nothing but points until I started stitching it. The white part was the only part already cut. I picked the colorful fabrics, cut those, and pieced them. I laid it all out Friday night and had to have it pieced by Saturday noon or I was going to lose my tables for lunch. Therefore 3 hours of sleep and I got it pieced. I just need to get fabric to border it.

The second one is November’s block of the month for Aurifil. All I have left is December.

The third one was some UFO I obtained. Most of them were full blocks purple and full blocks of stripes so I just made something up. I had to square a ton of them up, but I love the finish. This was so fun. I don’t know the original pattern and I think that makes it even better.

I also finished this for the Big Red Quilters Guild row by row challenge. I decided to do a Christmas row by row.


I also put together a center block for a round robbin which I just started and need to pass on. We were supposed to pass it on at our cancelled guild meeting. (See photo at the bottom of the post).

We also went to a bunch of College Football games. We supported 3 games this year! I have never been to more than 1 per season. It was so fun! Two were with my husband’s family and 1 was just with his aunt and uncle. He got tickets to the rivalry game for our anniversary and I got to choose who we invited.


I was looking through and have all sorts of other events I have been to, but I am going to stop there. That is most of my fall with quilting at least. I can’t wait to get done with the basement so I can get back at it!

Here is the round robbin photo. I still need to sew pieces down, but at least they are attached for now.


Other things we have been up to, my husband and I went on a trip up a few hours north in Michigan (a friend surprised us with a retreat), we visited my parents to borrow their miter saw and mom gave my husband copper mugs, I sold my car and got a new one (it has a back seat so it is a little more friendly to having a possible baby in the back seat), etc. And no I’m not pregnant, there are plans and I am a planner so I am ahead of the game.

Oh and did I mention I have a hernia? I didn’t cause it by carrying heavy items, it was a thin spot in intestinal lining. It is slowing me down a bit, though on moving my quilt rooms. It basically feels like I have a knot in my side. You know that pain you get in your side when you run and have a “stitch” in your side? That is what it feels like after about 3-4 hours of being up. Luckily, I lay down and all the pain goes away. I will find out what needs to be done on January 4. I’ve heard it is outpatient surgery. Okay, it was nice catching up. I missed ya’ll. I will try to get back on track to posting more.

Hard Weekend, Mentally

This weekend was very difficult for me. I was super depressed. I kept pacing the house feeling like something was wrong. My anxiety was high and I was exhausted. This is why I don’t like fall. I love the color changes and the smell, but not the winter blues. I even tried quilting on Saturday and then cut a few things too small pulled out a bunch of pieces and spent 1 hour with nothing achieved. This didn’t help me. SO I just slept… and slept… and slept some more. I did get myself to work on my EPP a bit. I almost have the star row around my rosette complete. I’m a little further than this picture shows. I’m loving these colors together!


Then today I decided at 7:30am I needed to stop sleeping and needed to actually get something done to get out of this slump. So I took a shower, ate breakfast and went up to my quilt room. AND I ACCOMPLISHED THINGS! YAY! Now I feel 100x better. I even made fajitas for dinner!

The Splendid Sampler blocks I completed!


Block 71 – First Stitch by Kerry Green: I did a completely different color combination that was just calling out to me.


Block 70 – Bows by Jane Davidson: I used up the last of my background on this one. Luckily it is super busy because I had a piece a few pieces together to have enough to finish the block.


Block 69 – Full Circle by Holly DeGroot: This one took me the longest to piece. I feel like I am looking out a submarine window for some reason.


Block 64 – Rising Star by Kathy Brown


Bonus Block – October Pumpkin by Pat Sloan

The I did my October Aurifil Designer of the Month block.


Chip off the Old Block by Kathy Brown: I was happy to have large squares to use this beautiful blue fabric in.

Here are all my blocks for this year thus far:


It is amazing how as you add in more blocks they start all working together. There was a few I was worried about before since they are all random scraps, but they are all starting to fit in. I think I will be using medium to dark grey for the sashing. I am hoping that will help bring the black into it. We will see.

Then my phone saw this beautiful view and I just had to take a picture! Splendid Sampler blocks on the design wall with Marcia Derse fabrics and Aurifil Designer of the month blocks on the floor. My idea of a sexy room!


Tomorrow, back to work. The drywallers are starting to work on our basement tomorrow so *fingers crossed* by Christmas my quilting stuff and I will be in the daylight basement!

Aurifil September Designer & Splendid Sampler Bonus Block

Today I was on a cleaning streak. I used the downstairs restroom and it was just gross so I cleaned the entire bathroom with a bucket, cloth, and cleaner from ceiling to floor. Therefore, I had less time than I would have liked for quilting. I did finish two blocks, though. 

This is September’s Aurifil Designer of the Month’s block. It is Into the Blue by Katarina Roccella. 

Also I finished a Splendid Sampler Bonus Block. 

Children’s Day Matthew’s Block.

I also watched the Michigan vs Colorado football game, made dinner, and washed sheets and towels. But none of that is exciting as the blocks. 

Splendid Sampler and August Aurifil Designer of the Month

I put together the August Aurifil BOM today. This month it is called All Roads by Angela Walters.


I have been trying to figure out how I am going to make all my super scrappy blocks go together. I hope I will be able to. *cringe* Two of them the fabrics are super traditional and the others are more modern. I’m looking at maybe a dark blue for sashing or maybe several sashings with a 9 patch border? I don’t know, I’ll have to figure it out.


I also finished two of the Splendid Sampler blocks today. I finish Block 54 Shell by Jane Davidson at Quiltjane.


I also finished Block 19 Measure Twice Cut Once by Jane Davidson of Quiltjane. I didn’t even realize both of these blocks were designed by the same person until I was typing this.


I am only halfway behind, but I figured out if I do 4 a week instead of 2 then I will catch up pretty fast. This shouldn’t be a problem since I did 3 blocks, plus washed, ironed, and put away a whole washer full of new fabric from the last few months. This is my goal!