Splendid Sampler Block 72-81, 94, Bonus Block Back-to-school, 28, & 22

This past week I have very SLOWLY been working on catching up on those splendid sampler blocks that I had pre-cut with my mom here. I finished the following blocks:


Block 22 Goose on the Loose by Amy Udall Smart


Block 28 Stitching Fashion by Charise Randell


Block 72 Full Star by Victoria Findlay Wolfe


Block 73 +Love by Jennifer Albaugh


Block 74 Button Basket by Karen Soltys


Block 76 Little Things by Jacquelynne Steves


Block 77 Prism by Sara Lawson


Block 78 Jersey by Carrie Nelson


Block 79 Spool of Inspirational Threads by Melanie Barrett


Block 80 Heartstring Star by Elizabeth Dackson


Block 81 With Love From by Cat Demack


Block 94 Skyscrapers by Stacey Lowe


Bonus Block – Back to School by Melissa Corry Design

Hard Weekend, Mentally

This weekend was very difficult for me. I was super depressed. I kept pacing the house feeling like something was wrong. My anxiety was high and I was exhausted. This is why I don’t like fall. I love the color changes and the smell, but not the winter blues. I even tried quilting on Saturday and then cut a few things too small pulled out a bunch of pieces and spent 1 hour with nothing achieved. This didn’t help me. SO I just slept… and slept… and slept some more. I did get myself to work on my EPP a bit. I almost have the star row around my rosette complete. I’m a little further than this picture shows. I’m loving these colors together!


Then today I decided at 7:30am I needed to stop sleeping and needed to actually get something done to get out of this slump. So I took a shower, ate breakfast and went up to my quilt room. AND I ACCOMPLISHED THINGS! YAY! Now I feel 100x better. I even made fajitas for dinner!

The Splendid Sampler blocks I completed!


Block 71 – First Stitch by Kerry Green: I did a completely different color combination that was just calling out to me.


Block 70 – Bows by Jane Davidson: I used up the last of my background on this one. Luckily it is super busy because I had a piece a few pieces together to have enough to finish the block.


Block 69 – Full Circle by Holly DeGroot: This one took me the longest to piece. I feel like I am looking out a submarine window for some reason.


Block 64 – Rising Star by Kathy Brown


Bonus Block – October Pumpkin by Pat Sloan

The I did my October Aurifil Designer of the Month block.


Chip off the Old Block by Kathy Brown: I was happy to have large squares to use this beautiful blue fabric in.

Here are all my blocks for this year thus far:


It is amazing how as you add in more blocks they start all working together. There was a few I was worried about before since they are all random scraps, but they are all starting to fit in. I think I will be using medium to dark grey for the sashing. I am hoping that will help bring the black into it. We will see.

Then my phone saw this beautiful view and I just had to take a picture! Splendid Sampler blocks on the design wall with Marcia Derse fabrics and Aurifil Designer of the month blocks on the floor. My idea of a sexy room!


Tomorrow, back to work. The drywallers are starting to work on our basement tomorrow so *fingers crossed* by Christmas my quilting stuff and I will be in the daylight basement!

Start of my 2014 Show Quilt

So I have been bad this month. I started hibernating (I blame it on the craziness of December, traveling to see family and 4 Christmas Parties.

On another note… I almost have all my fabrics ready for my show quilt for 2014. I used EQ6 to designed a “Road to California” remake with Marcia Derse fabrics. It has taken me a long time to collect the fabrics I was missing because she just switched fabric companies and her new fabrics (which I have on order) will be shipped out any day! I also did what I could to gather some of her old fabrics to make the quilt out of.

Here is what I have to start!

I only need 3/4 yard more of blues and greens and my 6 yards of neutral. I can’t wait. Marcia Derse… I will make quilts out of your fabrics any day.  (Even if you are ditching Sylvania, Ohio to move to Washington.) I love the idea of making traditional quilts out of her modern fabrics. Thank you Sonflower quilts for making me jealous of your stash of her fabrics and helping me think out my color plan!

Sunday 8-4-13

Friday, before heading to Ohio to visit family and go to a wedding, I took the day off work and worked on a bunch of UFOs.

The first one is my Invader Zim T-Shirt Quilt. I finished piecing this quilt. The inner border used to be my well worn pajama pants 😀



The second finished quilt was one I started before. I have learned my least favorite part of doing a quilt is attaching the borders so I tend to put it off.  I have no clue what I am doing with this quilt when finished, but it will be a great practice quilt. I am almost done setting up my practice quilts, but I need to start focusing on quilting all these quilt tops.



NEWS and a special quilt

Lets start with the special quilt. I am finally finishing my friend Greg Attenweiller’s wedding present. He married his amazing wife back in September of 2009. (I am a bad friend). Here is what I have so far for his present.




The second part is my news. I am trying to finish all my UFO quilting projects because I am getting a longarm. I just put my paperwork in the mail after getting everything around that I needed to start a business. I have everything up and going and the loan company will get my information for the loan for my longarm on Saturday. Just Quilted Treasures will have their new machine hopefully by end of the next month (aka: ME). I am so excited to finally get things going! Once delivered it will be time for practice practice practice!