Chickens! Step 1

Today I took the first step to having chickens. I pulled the trigger that I have been talking about for over a year. I ordered 7 chickens from They will be delivered around June 11. That gives us time to get the coop and run made before even getting them.

I’m excited. We have a spare double wide mobile home on our property that is being trashed this spring. Before we trash it I am going to use pieces of it to make our chicken coop. It has two small decks off of it. One of them will be the base of the coop. All I should need to buy is the plywood for the walls and the pieces to put together the run.

These are the chickens that I will have delivered in June:

  1. Ameraucana: Light blue eggs, cold hardy – Could come on blue, black, or splashAmeraucana
  2. Cream Legbar: Light blue eggs, cold hardy Cream Legbar
  3. Silver Laced Wyandotte: Brown large eggs, Hardy in winterSilver Laced Wyandotte
  4. Easter Egger – Not a recognized breed, therefore they could like just about anything; Green or blue eggs, hardy in winter – An example of what one could look likeEaster Egger
  5. Rare Marans Collection: I ordered two of these and not sure which of the 2 of the 4 varieties I will get. Large chocolate egg, hardy in winter – Could be a Black Copper Maran, White Maran, Golden Cuckoo Maran, Blue Splash Maran, or a Blue Copper MaranRare Marans Collection
  6. Welsummer: Deep reddish brown egg (many speckled), hardy in winterWelsummer

They all take confinement well and are hardy in winter. There will be a nice variety of egg colors! I can’t wait.

My Pet Chicken has also been amazing thus far. When you order your chickens you can pick which week you want to aim for. I couldn’t get all the chickens I wanted, but there is more than a good start here. I will probably get another order in the fall with the rest of the ones I want.

On the order I put a few comments and the same day I submitted the order they responded to my comments. They were friendly and full of some much needed information. Thank you to My Pet Chicken and I don’t even have the chickens yet! Lol.