Repeat from 9-15-13 and trouble…

Today I starting repeating all of Linda V. Taylor’s DVD and I am AMAZED at how much better I did on just the second pass! I made me feel a bit better than I was feeling this weekend. Here is what I did tonight:


I tried doing the swirl from the center out… bad idea. I also was fighting tension the whole time. So here is my story of trouble:

It started on the 15th when I was finishing my first sampler quilt practice. I went over the same spot too many time and got the needle stuck in the quilt… oops. This could have done any number of things to the machine. 😦

Since I was afraid of a bent needle I replaced the needle immediately and since then I have had the top thread fraying and breaking. So what did I think it was?

1) The needle not being straight. I straightened the needle about a dozen times moving it ever so slightly both directions… still fraying.

2) Okay, lets check the the bobbin and make sure still has he correct tension and is in the correct direction and there are no loose threads or debris in it… everything seems good, still fraying

3) Now I decide to take a brush to the entire hook assembly area and all under the needle plate… still fraying

4) I undid the entire top thread and re-threaded back through the machine making sure it is all correct using the book… no longer fraying but the bottom thread is still laying on the back but only when I go from right to left, which now that I look back this is the direction I was going every time it was fraying and breaking… hmmm

5) In order to pull the bobbin up more then the top thread tension needs to be tightened, but it is already pulling when near points so maybe if I loosen the bobbin tension. Did this… still slightly loose going from right to left, but the rest of it is balanced. HMMM

At least it stopped fraying and my quilting looks better! *sigh* I hope I don’t have a burr or have timing issues but for now I will assume I am still just a total noob and am just not working out my tension properly.

Practice Week of 9-8-13

I started out this last week with a goal. My goal was to get at least 9 hours of practice along with it being my birthday, having a work gathering on Saturday and working my other job 40 hours. I DID IT! Barely, but I did it! I missed two of those days doing any practice, but I think wedding planning is a good reason 😉

This week I did Linda V. Taylor’s Artistic Freeform DVD. It is amazing how an hour DVD takes much longer than that when you are doing it for the first time. Here were my results… now I realize they are not by any means ready to be put on someone else’s quilt, but I was proud of myself.


There are two of her designs that I decided that I don’t like, but I am sure practicing them are still a good idea. I am setting up a second sampler piece right next to this one to work on this week. My goal this week is to do all these one more time and then to start a new DVD. The biggest thing I need to work on is just getting used to moving the machine where I want it to go. I will post pictures of my second sample next weekend so I can show my progress.

Picking Up Speed

I have been so busy working on this …


The Great Wall of Jamandason (Jason, my fiancé and Amanda, me), that I have not been quilting enough, but yesterday I started to turn it around. It is amazing how your thinking changes when you take you hobby and turn it into a business. I kept thinking about how much time I was spending on things. I am glad some things will start going faster. An hour to load a quilt is just wwwaaayyyy too long.

But I did get a lot done. I totally re-read this book:
The Ultimate Guide to Longarm Machine Quilting by Linda V. Taylor (picture is backwards). I took all the goodies out of it that I need for now. It is a great book to get you thinking about all those business charges and expenses.


I also drew all 47 pictures in the Trillium House Designs Pocket Guide to Free hand Meanderings and 17 pictures out of the Textures and Fillers books.


After all that I got a new ‘practice’ quilt loaded, different thread on the machine, and new thread on the side to wind a bobbin. I am all ready to start quilting those pictures I drew now. I hope to start that tonight depending on what happens with my car.

Unfortunately my car was overheating and ended up at the dealership to get fixed. (Hopefully today)