Finish-A-Long Q3 2nd Finish

I am so proud of myself (and of my husband for giving me some time to myself) for finding quilting time even with our little 4 month old. Thanks to hubby I finished my 2nd quilt for quarter 3! This one hasn’t been in the works as long as most. I started it in 2018 for my cousin’s little boy. I promised it when she announced she was pregnant and I soon found out I was also pregnant and didn’t get a lot done. I started the quilt on September 1, 2018. I designed the top based on an idea on Pinterest.

I managed to pull all the fabrics from my stash. Her little boy is nearing a year old and I will finally be able to gift this.

I am unsure why, but it was calling for some serious quilting and I had to listen. I am very happy with how it turned out.

Finish-A-Long2019 Q2 First Finish

Even with having a baby and him being 3-months old, I finished a quilt today. Today was my day to watch Luca, but without his dad this would never be possible. My hubby is amazing with all he does. If it weren’t for him I wouldn’t have the one I do nor would I want another.

Anyhow, not sure when I bought these fabrics nor when I pieced it, but it is finished. I think I might give it to one my neices. They both have little girls so one will probably get this and the other will get the lime green one I have already pieced too.

Long Time, Catching Everyone Up

First, I started a block of the week program. I said I wasn’t going to start anymore projects. Lol! It started on April 24.  This all happened because I went to my guild retreat and on the sale table bought some 1/8 yard strips of blue and off-white Civil War reproduction fabrics. I have been wanting to do a blue and pink Civil War quilt and now is the time. My friend then let me raid her stash for more fabrics. I promised her all the scraps when I’m done. Here are the fabrics that are pulled:

The block of the week I started is called Rest & Refreshing by Piecing the Past Quilts. I finished the first two blocks, but had to finish other projects with deadlines before continuing on. 

My first two blocks: 

1)  Block 01 Woven Star

2) Block 02 Woven Time

My main priority is finishing this other t-shirt quilt. This client cuts them up before and gives them to me precut. I finished quilting it today, just need to bind it. 

I have been super stressed lately with life. I have felt overwhelmed and felt like there has been no spare time. I am hoping soon to have the list of items both at work and in my home life done so I can be more chill. 

My next goal is to finish a few UFOs that need to be done by the next guild meeting (June 12). Wish me luck! Lol!

My Favorite Quilting Tools- Post 1

I decided to start a new mini series. I want to post up some of my favorite quilting tools. Today I am focusing on some quilting tools.  Today I was quilting feathered hearts onto this wedding ring quilt for a client.

ITEM 1: Since my hearts always end up lopsided so I decided to try out some Glow Edge Longarm Nested Hearts rulers by These turned out to be amazing. The outside works well to use as a ruler and the inside as a stencil. I used the inside of the 4″ because it was the perfect size. The color is also great. It can be used with the black light too.

ITEM 2: These water erasable fabric markers are my favorite. Thus far I have not had a single issue with getting it off a quilt. I used to spray the whole quilt down with a water bottle, but now I use my third item.

Dritz Water Erasable Fabric Marking Pen Bright Blue

ITEM 3: Sew Clean. This is a great non soapy way to remove the markings. It also has a great orange smell and is not very expensive. I saw this on someone’s webpage once and after using it have never stopped. It takes a while to go through one bottle, but then again I don’t do much marking on quilts.

Sew Clean

ITEM 4: This is a cheap applicator bottle with a stainless steel needle tip that I use to direct the Sew Clean onto only the lines I have drawn, as seen below.


This was the quilt when it was finished.



For my next posting I will compare the Quilter’s Planner and the Scrappy Project Planner.

2017 Q1 FAL #1 Beth’s Wedding Quilt

I have finished my first quilt for my 2017 Q1 Finish-A-Long 🙂

Here is Beth’s Wedding quilt. I started it at her wedding in 2013. It has almost been 4 years, but I got it done! My new room is so motivational and I’ve been accomplishing so much. I think most of it is I don’t want all this clutter in my beautiful room.

If you are reading this, sorry sis for taking so long.


Here is a sneak peek on my next one. It is a gift so I can’t show it, yet.


Yep, the boring back. I was given this one to do a right before Christmas of 2015. It will be nice to have it finished too. Also, yes there are both from today. I’m telling you; this basement is inspirational.

Small Wonders Lone Star Quilt

Most of my weekend was spent with my parents. I took them to breakfast in Holland, MI where I needed to drop off my quilts for the Holland Guild’s Red and White Quilt Challenge.  The  we went to Grand Rapids, Mi for the Fulton Street Farmers’ Market where there is a lady who sells wild mushrooms and my parents LOVE wild mushrooms. After that we went to Grand Haven, MI to walk down the channel and pier along the water. At the end of the pier we took some selfies.


Me, my daddy (Doyle), my mama (Diana), and my husband, Jason.

Then on Sunday we went to the Allegan County Antique Market that occurs the last Sunday of every month from April to September. We found a beautiful piece of furniture that we wanted with a sewing machine base, but we had to say no. We are trying to finish our basement and something about money. *sadface* We have treadle bases as end tables in our living room, but this one was a long table that would fit perfectly behind our couch. The top of the table used 3 pieces of wood that were used to kneel on for praying. They were out of a local church. It was a very unique piece. It was a little bit of me(the treadle base) and a little bit of my husband (he is Catholic).

When we returned home my parents headed back to Ohio where they are from and I loaded my Lone Star Quilt. The fabrics are Mary Fons, Spring Creative Small Wonders India line. I have started quilting it with custom quilting. I am super excited to finish this. I’m just winging it on the quilting. IMG_20160626_205439

Weekend Catchup – A Little of This, A Little of That

This weekend I got a lot accomplished. I took my husband for Lasik eye surgery on Friday morning so I had the rest of the day to quilt. We also had nothing else planned for this weekend (thank goodness). The next two weekends we will have company. Summers fly by so quickly!

So this weekend I worked on 3 projects. The first was a few of the Splendid Sampler blocks. I am catching up on my longarm quilting so I will be able to catch up on my splendid sampler blocks. I finish the following blocks this weekend.

These blocks just needed to appliqued. I finished them by machine appliqueing. I used the raw edge method.


Block 14: Flying High


Bonus Block: Just For You


Bonus Block: Easter

The next couple of blocks I picked out the fabrics and pieced them together.


Block 35: The Wishful Garden


Block 34: Lemonade

Then I worked on my La Passacaglia rosette. I was piecing it during my husband’s 3 hour surgery visit. I got the next layer on and it is becoming real. I’m starting to put together the stars for the next ring, now.


Last, but not least, I finished my red and white wall quilt. I called it Freedom because when I look at it I feel peaceful and relaxed and well, free. The pattern is of my own design. The tree is made of 1/2″ finished half square triangles. I used a tree from the Primitive Gatherings Little Gatherings book. The flying geese are came from Pieces and Press Blog and I reused the paper pieced pattern. The quilting inspiration came from’s blog.



The little guy that you can’t see too well in this photo is a little kitten.He is trying to reach the elephant.