Picking Up Speed

I have been so busy working on this …


The Great Wall of Jamandason (Jason, my fiancé and Amanda, me), that I have not been quilting enough, but yesterday I started to turn it around. It is amazing how your thinking changes when you take you hobby and turn it into a business. I kept thinking about how much time I was spending on things. I am glad some things will start going faster. An hour to load a quilt is just wwwaaayyyy too long.

But I did get a lot done. I totally re-read this book:
The Ultimate Guide to Longarm Machine Quilting by Linda V. Taylor (picture is backwards). I took all the goodies out of it that I need for now. It is a great book to get you thinking about all those business charges and expenses.


I also drew all 47 pictures in the Trillium House Designs Pocket Guide to Free hand Meanderings and 17 pictures out of the Textures and Fillers books.


After all that I got a new ‘practice’ quilt loaded, different thread on the machine, and new thread on the side to wind a bobbin. I am all ready to start quilting those pictures I drew now. I hope to start that tonight depending on what happens with my car.

Unfortunately my car was overheating and ended up at the dealership to get fixed. (Hopefully today)