Row Robin and Round Robin -Round 3

Today I finished us row 3 of my row robin for Big Red Quilters Guild. My row is the 12″ squares on the bottom. Her rules were civil war based in pattern and fabric. She provided the fabric. Luckily she doesn’t follow me so I can post this. Two more rows to go on this one.

I also finished my third round on my round robin for Lighthouse Quilt Guild. She also (hopefully) doesn’t follow me. There is one lady in my round I won’t be able to post, but I’m not there yet. 

After 3 failed ideas ( this just wasn’t working for me today) I finally got a great idea. The tree was round 1, the border around it was round 2, but luckily this is a round robin with no rules. I was originally doing a border with friendship starts around it, but for many many reasons that fell through. Therefore I added them to the ‘sky’ and added the log cabin on the side. I’m very happy with it now. I don’t know why this one was kicking my butt, but it was. 

I know my progress has seemed spectacular, but it is most attributed to the fact that I will be having surgery on Friday for an Inguinal Hernia and I am not sure how much quilting I will be able to accomplish for a little while after that. Therefore I’m trying to accomplish much of it now. 

Birthday Weekend 

Saturday, Sept 10 I worked on the new Splendid Sampler block.

Hearts & Flowers by Fiona Ransley. This is an embroidery block. I decided to add in a little applique and embroidery the rest when I get the threat to did so. 

Then I packed everything up for my class on Sunday. I look a class by Deb Karasik called Batik Wheels. 

The fabrics are all going to be my hand died fabrics that I made at AQS. 

Monday and Tuesday I spent at my Grandma’s funeral with family. Here is my family. About 5 cousins are missing, but everyone else is there. 

My mom is in the teal. I am two down on the left (when looking at the photo, her right) with half my head shaved.  Saying “I’m the one wearing back” wouldn’t help. Grandma was buried at the Mennonite Church near Fayette, Ohio, USA. 

I visited my Great Grandma and Grandpa while I was there. 

Also during the trip to stay calm while talking to all the family I pieced part of another rosette in my La Passacaglia quilt. 

The stars around it will have more orange to bring it back in. 

Retreat Preparations

Yesterday I started to cut my fabrics for my retreat projects this weekend. The retreat is with the Lighthouse Quilters Guild is Grand Haven, MI. They put the retreat on at the Christian Reformed Conference Grounds Biannually and it is how I got involved with the quilt guild. (That is a story for another time).

The first project is a lone star pattern that both my friend Mary and I have. We have challenged each other to completing this quilt. I am using Mary Fons’ Small Wonders India fabrics. I originally planned on doing this as a challenge quilt, but then realized I got the fabrics on the the last day of the challenge (oops). I have added in little Lone Starburst Paper Pieced unit between the spokes of the lone star. This unit is off of I reduced the size of it by 50% so it is approximately a 6″ finished unit. I’m also adding in a plain border and a keyboard border. I can’t wait to finish it!

Lone Star Project - Small Wonders India

The second project I have cut and have ready is a Double Irish Chain in a Day. I am using Miss Scarlet fabric for this one. This is for the red and white guild challenge for the quilters guild in Holland, MI.

Double Irish Chain - Miss Scarlet

Now I have one more to cut up and prepare…

Have you ever been to a retreat or go to one regularly? If you do, do you always have a plan for the retreat?