Winter Quilt Retreat 2019

This year I finished 2 and almost 3 projects at the winter Lighthouse Quilt Guild Retreat. It felt so great!!!! (When I say finished, I mean pieced the top, pieced the back and cut the binding in preparation for longarming it). First one is a super traditional Christmas quilt. It was made from my grandmother’s fabrics that she had collected in the 80s and 90s. I have to admit this is NOT my cup of tea when quilting, but I LOVE it for Christmas!!! Since I knew I wouldn’t be able to piece anything from these fabrics myself, I passed it around as a row by row in the Big Red Quilters guild in Holland, Michigan, U.S.

The next one I have ready is fabric some family members provided at my baby showers for signatures. The ones in a strait line down will become my backing and are from my side of the family and my husband’s friends. The blocks on the front are from my husband’s side of the family and my friends.

Last, but not least is a Holiday quilt that I bought last year. I just need to put the rows together, cut the binding, and piece together the back. It is called Merrily by Gingiber for Moda. This uses the Merrily line with the Critters Galore Panel.

I feel so accomplished. Now to finish up the Merrily quilt and get my aunt’s t-shirt quilt done so I can longarm some of these.

Red and White Bed Quilt

I belong to several local guilds. I just joined a new one called Big Red Quilters Guild in Holland, Michigan a approximately three months ago. The day I joined they were talking about a red and white quilt challenge. I decided I was going to not only do one quilt, but two quilts for the challenge! One in the traditional bed quilt category and one in the small modern wall quilt category.

Today I just finished the quilting on my bed quilt. I am not happy with it, but you can’t get better unless you do it. To top it off, near the end of finishing the borders, for some reason my timing is off on the long arm and it kept breaking my thread. I need to fix it before starting the next quilt. Time to watch the timing video again.

Onto the quilt details: Size: I forget exactly, but it is approximately 95×70 inches. Fabrics: These are Miss Scarlet by Minick & Simpson through Moda. I LOVE THEM!!!! I had difficulty starting this quilt because I didn’t realize that quilt shops had not received the fabric prior to me falling in love with them. On the bright side I am still getting it done in time. Darn blogs making me fall in love with fabrics before they are released to the quilt shops. Pattern: I started with the Double Irish Chain by Quilt in a Day, but finished the border differently than the pattern suggests. Quilting: I used some ideas I got off of Pintrest, but the pattern is my own. It is all free-motion and the first time I have free-motioned circles on the long arm. (I kept fighting my long arm and it made me sad).

BACK: I am thinking of using the pieces I cut off from the back as my binding. I think it would be different and fun.




I need to apply the binding and the label and I’m done. This was fun and I’m glad I got to learn more and better my long arming skills.


Spring 2016 Lighthouse Quilt Guild Retreat Day 3

Today was the last day of the retreat and I realized I forgot to take any pictures of my friends. So here is our room:




Here are a few projects we were showing off including my friend Mary’s Lone Star quilt which we were doing together.



Then finally I started to piece my Double Irish Chain Red and White Quilt for the Big Red Quilters Guild in Holland, MI.


I used the “Quilt in A Day” method. The new line of fabrics were used, Moda Minick and Simpson Miss Scarlet Reproduction Fabrics. I love them!

Does anyone else go on retreats? What is your favorite part of a retreat? Mine if learning new tricks or techniques that I wouldn’t have known or figured out on my own.